Lab move in the near future

Lab renovations are starting on the 4th floor of the Chemistry building and the research group I am part of will move soon. With the help of all lab members I compile inventory lists of our instrumentation (including space and power requirements) to make sure we have enough space, power, outlets, network jacks,…. in the new lab. A tedious task!

Default layout …

… since I was having endless trouble with formatting pages using the previous theme. Not that fancy, but I will be working on a new theme soon. For now I cleaned up the code and reformatted my pages. CV and publication list are up-to-date (both – the web and pdf versions) and have restructured the pages into subcategories for easier navigation. Looks better now – except for a nice picture at the top! PS: After fiddling a bit with Gimp and the WordPress theme I figured out how to change the masthead picture. Looks alright to me for a start!

A few updates

Now that all exam corrections are done I’ve finally had some time to update my blog software and bring some of the content up-to-date to reflect my new position at Concordia University. Downloads will be updated soon. With some breathing space ahead I will finish preparing my courses and get ready for the last assignments and final exams. The deadline for submission is not far ahead.

Webpage Update

It’s been a while that I have checked through pages looking for obsolete content, updates,… but now I have brought my CV and publication list up to date (including the downloadable pdf- files). The changes already reflect my new job, which I am about to start in mid-August.

I have made some minor changes to the other pages as well and updated the blog software to WordPress 2.2. Working well so far.

A major webpage update

Well, well – I have been thinking about it for quite a while: The integration of my pages into WordPress. And here is a first result – I am hoping to polish the pages and validating them in the next few weeks. If there are any problems, let me know.P.S.: Validation was done in an evening – a few uppercase tags from way back to change and some others needed closing (e.g. the img tags). Nice.


It is the end of the summer holidays – hopefully not the end of summer – and I am back to filling forms. Post-doctoral registration, work permit and (soon to come) social insurance number and Medicare. It is taking quite a bit of time and although I do it for the 4th time already there is always something unexpected coming up.Maybe I should change fields and investigate the behaviour of humans when confronted with a stack of forms 😉

Some Weblog Editing …

I have started adding some pictures to previous entries on my field trip to Alert. It is something I did not manage to do right away, because of time and bandwidth constraints and a misbehaving Firefox browser. So expect more pictures in past entries soon.

I have also made a step towards using more free and open-source software by eliminating MS Office (replaced by NeoOffice, an OpenOffice port for Mac) and Photoshop (replaced by Gimp) from my laptop.

Gimp runs fine (for my purposes), NeoOffice is feels sluggish and clumsy and there are some minor compatibility problems with imported Excel files (especially with graphs and error bars). But a Beta version is in the works, there will be improvements down the road. But I use mostly LaTeX anyway, so no big problem here 🙂


Finally, I have been able to configure WordPress to allow me the upload of pictures and graphics. Not that it was difficult, but rather a lack of time to set permissions for the affected directories correctly.Anyway, just in time for my field trip – more to come.

Upgrade to WordPress 2.0

I have upgraded my blogsoftware to version 2.0 and so far it seems to be working well. After a backup of the database and the scripts I have deleted/replaced the old files (following a rather elaborate how-to). Even my theme seems to be ok (after reactivating the necessary plugins). Thanks, Gregoa, for your prompt warning, when the RSS feed update failed during the update :)Looks alright for now!