Some more teaching

In addition to teaching labs at Bishop’s University (this semester Analytical Chemistry and Physical Chemistry), I will be teaching “Atmospheric Chemistry” at McGill University (ATOC/CHEM 219).

Check out the ad: ATOC219 Course Advertisement (and spread the word, if you like!)

Not much news – and here is why: I got a new job!

I left McGill University at the end of June to work for Sixtron Advanced Materials as a Manager for Analytical Chemistry. Most of my work is now confidential, so I cannot write about it.

However, some of the work at McGill is still ongoing and I will blog about it, if I have something interesting to report.

Back from vacation

After a month of vacation in Europe I am well rested (?) and ready for new adventures. Quite a few things are about to change – first my full time contract at Concordia has expired. People I replaced are back from their respective sabbaticals and I am back to research.

For the next couple of months I will be doing research at McGill University in the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences again. I have one more paper to finish, two are currently under review, so things are looking good. This does, however, not mean that I will be giving up teaching, since I will sign a part-time contract at Concordia and teach two lectures in the fall term (General Chemistry – a new lecture and Analytical Chemistry I again).

And of course my job search is on again … exciting times ahead!