Talks at Bishop’s University & Dawson College

Recently, I gave 2 talks on my research activities with some information on statistics and data analysis (at Bishop’s University: 01 Mar 2012 & Dawson College: 07 Mar 2012) for environmental analytical projects. It’s been fun and there was a lot of discussion with students during and after the talk.

Among other things I explained, why chemists typically measure samples 3 times (hint: check the t-table) and what things to consider, before going sampling (representativity, homogeneity and stability). All this, in the (practical) context of snow sampling from surfaces and pits during my field research in Alert, NU and Barrow, AK.

Marking, marking …

… and some more marking. Progress is good, however, and I should be able to get everything done until early next week.I also visited Dawson College today to present the Concordia Co-op Programme, which provides a nice mix of academic and practical experience with work terms in the summer in addition to the regular chemistry curriculum. The work terms provide students with the possibility to network, gain team working skills and get to know several companies! The programme is unique in the Montreal area and not many universities offer such training across Canada.The visit was extremely nice with interested students and some very good questions!