Lab move in the near future

Lab renovations are starting on the 4th floor of the Chemistry building and the research group I am part of will move soon. With the help of all lab members I compile inventory lists of our instrumentation (including space and power requirements) to make sure we have enough space, power, outlets, network jacks,…. in the new lab. A tedious task!

Introductory Atmospheric Science

I taught a class at McGill today – ATOC-210: Simple, straight forward and good fun! Best was that I could focus on the teaching rather than the administrative issues that tend to take over during the semester 🙂 Topic was chapter 3 – Seasonal and Daily Temperatures

Meteorology today

All my regular teaching at Concordia University is now done. This term is dedicated to research and it looks as if I am going to be busy (I am already).


Onehundredandtwelve exams are not a small thing to correct – so I was locked up for a full weekend and spent a couple more days during the week with marking. The goal: To get the results out before the course drop date (the last day, when students can drop the course without getting a “failed” mark). I was quite a bit faster than last year, when it took me 3 weeks to correct 40 midterms of the McGill Chemistry course that I taught, so that definitely is an improvement. However, it still is a lot of work. And it was not easy for me, to keep the marking level for all exams (although I was doing question after question rather than marking a whole exam at a time), so I went over the exams another time to make sure that marking was fair. It also turned out that the exam was quite a bit too long, so I had to factor that in as well. Anyway – it’s done and it was a good test run for the final; and the average was just right as well.