Deadline approaching quickly

… and I am still working. My flight to San Francisco is on Dec 9 and until then my poster and oral presentation for the AGU Fall Meeting have to be ready. The poster, which I have put together with a co-worker went to the printer today and should be ready by Friday.

We will present VOC data and bacteria/fungi data for urban and Arctic sites – an exciting topic, because we are in the process of identifying micro-organisms from snow and air that I have collected in the Arctic in Alert.

After days and days and more evenings of data analysis, I am also getting close to finish my talk. The framework is done – only suitble plots of the results have to be included. The data looks good – all that has to be done is to put it in a a presentable format. For a while now I have been using plot, which makes nice and easy to configure 2D graphs. I can easily add, remove and merge data and decide, which data is best to include.

I prepared my presentation in LaTeX Beamer, which is so much more convenient than Powerpoint. The output file is in pdf format, so there is no hassle with different platforms.

It has been a bit stressful in the past couple of weeks, but finally I see the fruit of all the work that I have done and I am looking forward to a good meeting.

Data, data, data!

Now that all measurements are done – at least those that I will need for my conference presentation – I am busy with data analysis. So far things have been going well and I have set up quite good calibration curves for snow and air data.

I focus on canister data obtained with the cryo-system and SPME data, both of which were used in connection with a GC-FID. So I am still concentrating on my 20 compounds that I have originally chosen for analysis before I went on the field trip to Alert.

But, when I am done I will have snow surface data, snow depth profile data and air data for 20 common VOC from Alert, which will make a nice package to present at this year’s AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco.