Some more teaching

In addition to teaching labs at Bishop’s University (this semester Analytical Chemistry and Physical Chemistry), I will be teaching “Atmospheric Chemistry” at McGill University (ATOC/CHEM 219).

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Lecture Series on Climate Models

I attend a lecture series offered by the Global Environmental and Climate Change Centre (GEC3) at McGill University. Aimed at non-climate scientists, the series elucidates how climate models are set-up, used and interpreted – including their capabilities and limitations.

As a non-modeler this is quit interesting, when it comes to usage of measurement data (like the data I produce) are used in models. Ultimately, I would try some modeling myself in order to obtain a comprehensive picture of how pollutants move between the snow pack and the lower troposphere.

Excellent lecture series! Sometimes a bit basic for my taste (I attended enough seminars on modeling research in the past after all ;-), but still a good opportunity to tie up a few loose ends.