Preparing GC-MS Measurements

Things have been incredibly busy in the weeks after my return. Some reports had to be finished and I am quite actively working on revisions of my manuscript drafts. There has been some follow-up on the Barrow campaign – nice to see some photos of the researchers continuing their work.

Meanwhile I started preparing GC-MS measurements of my own samples. I have help from a graduate student from France doing an internship in our labs! I am quite busy training her on the instrument, sample preparation, data analysis and calibration, she will be ready to start running samples in a few weeks time.

Arctic Change 2008 Review

Arctic Change 2008
Arctic Change 2008

Last week I attended the Arctic Change meeting in Quebec City – an excellent conference organised by ArcticNet with over 900 participants presenting their results on Arctic Research. I gave a talk that was well attended and got quite a few interesting questions – most of the issues discussed I have been thinking of myself for quite a while:

T14. Quantifying the Carbon Balance of Arctic Ecosystems at Various Scales: Gregor Kos & Parisa Ariya, “(Semi)volatile Organic Compounds at Alert, Nunavut – Snow Pack and Boundary Layer Composition”

The meeting had a strong socio-cultural component to disseminate the results among those most affected by the research – the Inuit of the North. Furthermore, awareness was raised that the environment the research takes place in is the home of other people. The need for community outreach and making the results relevant for the local people was stressed often – and rightfully so.