Data, data, data!

Now that all measurements are done – at least those that I will need for my conference presentation – I am busy with data analysis. So far things have been going well and I have set up quite good calibration curves for snow and air data.

I focus on canister data obtained with the cryo-system and SPME data, both of which were used in connection with a GC-FID. So I am still concentrating on my 20 compounds that I have originally chosen for analysis before I went on the field trip to Alert.

But, when I am done I will have snow surface data, snow depth profile data and air data for 20 common VOC from Alert, which will make a nice package to present at this year’s AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco.

One thing at a time, but still lots of things to do …

There are a couple of things that I currently work on. First there are the measurements of my snow samples collected at Alert with lots of other samples (especially the air canisters) in the queue. The calibration curves for the liquid phase and headspace are ready (18 compounds each) and I have started crunching numbers.

I also write a manuscript on my data from snow samples collected in the winter/spring of 2005, which is quite advanced and on a good track. All the introductory and experimental stuff is written including results and discussion with a few calculations missing. It should be ready soon.

I am working with a student on ice-nucleation and training her on how to use the instrument, prepare solutions,… She is running blanks at the moment and trying to make the instrument behave in a repeatable manner.

I am also closely tracking open positions at Montreal universities, with one application pending for a temporary teaching position (1 course for 1 semester) to add to my teaching experience.