Not much news – and here is why: I got a new job!

I left McGill University at the end of June to work for Sixtron Advanced Materials as a Manager for Analytical Chemistry. Most of my work is now confidential, so I cannot write about it.

However, some of the work at McGill is still ongoing and I will blog about it, if I have something interesting to report.

Lecture preparations

Although I have not started my new job at Concordia University yet, I am already busy preparing the lectures I will be teaching in the fall term (and balancing the whole thing with my paternity leave). I will be teaching 2 sections of an introductory analytical chemistry course and 1 section of intermediate analytical chemistry.Fortunately, I have lots of material available thanks to the generosity of previous instructors, who have provided me with a good framework including problems. That is a great help, now that I conceptually lay out the courses myself and prepare the individual lectures.