News after quite a bit of silence

I have to say the past months have been extremely busy – although I am well prepared, teaching 250 students is quite time consuming, because anything else than lecture preparation takes considerably more time than teaching smaller classes. That includes office hours, email requests, exam marking,….

My research on the other hand keeps me busy as well. I co-authored a review on bioaerosols that was revised under quite a bit of pressure with the deadline coming up fast. With other manuscripts being out for review by co-authors or or journal editors this kept me quite busy! So – here in more detail:


  • “VOC in Snow at Alert” manuscript finalised after long discussions with new ideas coming up after each review; currently with co-authors
  • “Bioaerosol” review submitted
  • Reviews for a “Snow & Bio-Photochemistry” manuscript are in
  • Reviews for a “VOC in snow analysis mansucript in the Quebec-Windsor Corridor” are in


  • Assignment 1 corrected for my Analytical Chemistry class (80 students)
  • Midterms corrected for both classes (250 students)
  • Final exams are being prepared

So – no surprise I get so little time to continue writing my blog! đŸ™‚