Contributions at IPY 2012 conference in Montreal

I will be co-authoring 2 contributions at the upcoming IPY 2012 conference in Montreal, Canada (22-27 April 2012):

IPY-OASIS 2009: Bio-organic aerosols and compounds at snow-air interface
P. A. Ariya1,2, G. Kos2, R. Mortazavi2, and Visahini Kanthasami1


Volatile Organic Compounds in Snow and Frost Flowers from OASIS-Barrow 2009, Alaska
G. Kos2, V. Kanthasami1, N. Adechina1, and P.A. Ariya1,2

1  Department of Chemistry, McGill University, Montreal, PQ, CANADA, H3A 2K6
2  Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, McGill
University, Montreal, PQ, CANADA, H3A 2K6

Contribution at upcoming AGU Fall Meeting

I will be presenting a paper at the upcoming AGU Fall Meeting as part of the OASIS session A08: Ocean-Atmosphere-Sea Ice-Snow (OASIS) Interactions in Polar Regions: Results From Recent Field Campaigns:

Gregor Kos, Adechina Nafissa, Dwayne Lutchman, Roya Mortazavi, Parisa Ariya
(Semi)volatile Organic Compounds and Microbiological Entities in Snow during OASIS Barrow 2009

Abstract ID 723572
I will not be able to present myself, but one of the co-authors will be there to present the poster.