Conferences coming up

I will be going and presenting to a few meetings in the coming weeks and months –

AGU Fall meeting 2009/San Francisco (December 2008)

  • I am not going myself, but my coauthor will be presenting a poster

Arctic Change Conference 2008/Quebec City (December 2008)

  • I will be giving a talk focusing on my snow work and volatile organic compounds in session T14.

CMOS Congress 2009/Halifax (June 2009)

  • I will be chairing a session on “Identification and Transformation of Organic and Inorganic Species in the Lower Atmosphere, Snow Pack and Connected Compartments”. More info to come, once the scientific programme is out.

ICASS 2008

ICASS 2008
ICASS 2008

I was on the programme committee for a conference that took place last week and I chaired 2 sessions together with a colleague. Session 1 on ‘Environmental Analysis’ and session 2 on ‘Medical Applications’. It’s been a lot of fun and an interesting meeting. Participants were mostly from and around Montreal, i.e. regional with quite a few from Sudbury (so this is, what regional means in Canada ;). A few came from France, Vietnam and even Japan. Sadly, quite a few could not make it due to Visa problems!

Here is the link to the scientific programme!

Session on Environmental Analysis at ICASS 2008

I will be convening a session on

“Spectroscopic and Mass Spectroscopic Measurements of Environmental Samples”

at the upcoming ICASS conference ( in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue in August 2008. If you would like to submit a contribution, oral or poster, I would encourage you to do so.

Here is a detailed session description:
“Spectrometric measurements are essential in the determination of analytes in complex matrices. This session will discuss recent progress in the measurement of environmental systems including the usage of advanced statistical analysis of spectral data.”

AGU 2006 Fall Meeting

Up to 13 000 Earth scientists come to San Francisco each year to hold a meeting that covers all areas of the Earth Sciences – Atmosphere, Ocean, Vulcanology,… and for the past 3 years I have been part of it! It is quite fascinating to see the diversity of research that is being done and good to broaden one’s horizon by attending interesting sessions in different fields (“You want a little Martian atmosphere with that?”), something that cannot be easily done at other meetings.

But you better come well prepared: 3 books contain all session information and I usually need a full day to prepare the meeting and decide, where and when I want to go to which session. There are oodles of parallel sessions and one or the other sacrifice has to be made.

In addtion to my own poster and oral presentation, a colleague and myself carry 6 more posters of co-workers to present. It has been a busy week so far, but fun. Lots of good discussions, questions and input for current and future research. My oral presentation went well this morning (with a couple of dozen people attending) and just after that I went to see Al Gore giving a lecture to thousands of people đŸ˜‰

His lecture was motivating and extremely well delivered, if a bit orchestrated, but I guess this is the “American touch”! Anyway, one more poster tomorrow and tonight I am off for seafood. I am in San Francisco after all and better enjoy it!