Contribution at upcoming AGU Fall Meeting

I will be presenting a paper at the upcoming AGU Fall Meeting as part of the OASIS session A08: Ocean-Atmosphere-Sea Ice-Snow (OASIS) Interactions in Polar Regions: Results From Recent Field Campaigns:

Gregor Kos, Adechina Nafissa, Dwayne Lutchman, Roya Mortazavi, Parisa Ariya
(Semi)volatile Organic Compounds and Microbiological Entities in Snow during OASIS Barrow 2009

Abstract ID 723572
I will not be able to present myself, but one of the co-authors will be there to present the poster.

10 days in Vienna

The first 10 days in Vienna are over and I have already given two talks – both went very well. Apart from that I will be visiting the Vienna University of Technology once more next Tuesday for some more exchanges concerning atmospheric chemistry research and I am very much looking forward to it.

I have also finished my poster for EGU starting in a week – all there is left is printing the poster. I have found a cheap place to print, so no major obstacles a head. No wait … I still need to sit down and put a detailed schedule together. With 3 AGU meetings under my belt it should not be too difficult. Loads of interesting stuff though – I have to be careful, what I choose and what will be left out.

I am also in touch with quite a few students concerning the lecture. The final is coming up (shortly after my return) and I currently answer questions by email before some additional office hours a few days before the exam. So far I can keep up and I answer questions within 24 hours.