A few updates

Now that all exam corrections are done I’ve finally had some time to update my blog software and bring some of the content up-to-date to reflect my new position at Concordia University. Downloads will be updated soon. With some breathing space ahead I will finish preparing my courses and get ready for the last assignments and final exams. The deadline for submission is not far ahead.

Started my new job at Concordia University

Things got off to a good start. My office is ready and I have started being productive again (read: preparing my lectures). I had already moved my stuff from McGill and I brought another box from home, where I have been preparing so far. Everything was set up fairly quickly and I kind of like my office, although it is a windowless one (I hope, I won’t become a caveman).I got an old computer (with a brand new flatscreen, though!) and scavenged a printer, which should suffice for the things that I need to do – preparing handouts, looking for articles, checking the resources for the books I am using and administering the courses.Btw – I have to update my home page too, to have it reflect my new job. Check out my homepage on the departmental website (under faculty).

Interview at Concordia University

The day before my departure to Europe I had an interview at Concordia University at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry for a teaching position. I am very much interested in doing some more teaching, because after 3 years of research I would like to build and improve my teaching portfolio. Moreover, I have enjoyed teaching at a university level very much in the past (at McGill in spring 2006 and this spring at Concordia). The interview went well and was conducted in a very pleasant manner. After lunch with faculty members, I gave a teaching lecture to faculty, PhD and Master students, which was very well received. It was followed by an interview with the search committee and individual faculty members. I had the possibility to ask questions and bring in my own views and ideas. I have also received feedback on the teaching lecture; very instructive. I was quite tired afterwards – after a 6 hour visit and questions (and a lot of preparation time before – for the course, the interview and my trip). I am definitely ready to go to Europe, although not much of a holiday waits there – my first talk is on Friday.