Results from my mercury work now available in ACP

An article describing my work on the statistical evaluation of mercury transport model estimates and observations on a continental scale is now available in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics.

AMNet oxidized mercury observation data from North America was used for the evaluation of GEM/RGM and TPM model estimates. A comprehensive uncertainty analysis is presented for measurement and model parameters. Statistical calculations and plots were done in R (except for the visualization of model output).

G. Kos, A. Ryzhkov, A. Dastoor, J. Narayan, A. Steffen, P. A. Ariya, L. Zhang,Evaluation of Discrepancy between Measured and Modeled Oxidized Mercury Species, Atmospheric Chemistry & Physics 13 (2013) 4839-4863, doi:10.5194/acp-13-4839-2013.

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Atmospheric chemistry researcher and university teacher. Data analysis/chemometrics specialist (PCA, PCR, Cluster analysis, SOM)

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