Chemistry Departmental Seminar Series at Bishop’s University

With the help of the other faculty members, I have initiated and administered the Chemistry Departmental Seminar Series at Bishop’s University during the last academic year. I have secured funding from the Speaker’s Committee for student lunches with the speaker prior to the seminar and to cover speaker’s expenses.

The seminar was primarily targeted at undergraduate students to provide them with information about current research, future employment and graduate studies. Speakers were faculty members, graduate students and professionals from various fields of chemistry in order to provide different perspectives about chemistry-related activities.

Here is the list of speakers. We started off with 15–20 students and faculty in the audience during the fall term and had an audience of 25–30 during the winter term. The seminar programme was put together with suggestions from students and faculty members. Faculty took turns hosting the speaker and student lunches.

Winter 2015

  • Éloic Colombo, CHUS, Medicinal Chemistry, New inhibitors of matriptase for treatment of influenza viruses
  • Kaylee Saunders, Bishop’s University, Department of Chemistry, Characterization and Comparison of Neat Alternative Fuels and their Corresponding Combustion Residues
  • Frederic-George Fontaine, Université Laval, Département de Chimie, Molecular Geopolitics
  • Ian Butler, McGill University, Department of Chemistry, An Overview of the Applications of Molecular Spectroscopy in Art Forensics: Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy

Fall 2014

  • Avik Ghoshdastidar, McGill University, Department of Chemsitry Pharmaceuticals, Pesticides, Mercury and First Year Students — Journeys of a Grad Student in Chemistry
  • Patrick Ayotte, Université de Sherbrooke, Département de Chimie, Life and death of a snowflake; Or how to read the global atmospheric archives in a carrot?
  • Daniel Fortin, Université de Sherbrooke, Département de Chimie, Understand the chemistry and physical properties with molecular and electronic structures. See inside the molecular world!

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