ICASS 2008

ICASS 2008
ICASS 2008

I was on the programme committee for a conference that took place last week and I chaired 2 sessions together with a colleague. Session 1 on ‘Environmental Analysis’ and session 2 on ‘Medical Applications’. It’s been a lot of fun and an interesting meeting. Participants were mostly from and around Montreal, i.e. regional with quite a few from Sudbury (so this is, what regional means in Canada ;). A few came from France, Vietnam and even Japan. Sadly, quite a few could not make it due to Visa problems!

Here is the link to the scientific programme!

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Atmospheric chemistry researcher and university teacher. Data analysis/chemometrics specialist (PCA, PCR, Cluster analysis, SOM)

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  1. Hi,

    I took part to this conference in 2008, where I have presented something about ICP/MS with collision cell. I try to find a person who had presented something interesting with my current activities, but I can’t remember his name. As I have lost the program of the conference, were it possible you send it to me?


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