Searching for internal standards

For a while now I have been trying to find a good source for suitable internal standards for VOC quantification using GC-MS. For aromatics I was able to come up with chlorobenzene-d5 from an EPA paper and it turned out to work pretty well for some of the aromatics that I found in my snow samples.

For the organo-halides, the situation seems more difficult. I have managed to come up with with a bunch of compounds (e.g. fluorobenzene, bromo-chloromethane, 2-bromo-1-chloro-propane), but it is difficult to find a list of the analytes that they can quantify. My searches for papers using these compounds as IS has not been too successful either.

Well, if I can not come up with a reliable source soon, I will start trying myself and see, if they work with the halogenated compounds that I have found in my snow samples (e.g. diiodomethane, chloroform, dibromomethane).

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