Fixed: Unable to plot a decent x-Axis in a time series plot using zoo

Here is the link to the original problem. Briefly, I was unable to plot a custom x-axis showing abbreviated months in a time series plot of a zoo object. In the plot.zoo() function set
xaxt = "n"
to suppress plotting of the x-axis Since I needed abbreviated months to be plotted as the x-axis, I loaded a csv file with the dates of the first of each month as follows and converted it to dates: "month" 2004-12-01 2005-01-01 2005-02-01 ... (I included Dec 2004, because otherwise "Jan" would not be plotted)
month < - read.csv("~/R/2005months.csv")
month$month < - as.Date(month$month, "%Y-%m-%d")
After the plot.zoo command I added the following line -
axis(1, month$month, format(month$month, "%b"))
The solution was inspired by a post from Gabor Grothendieck on r-help. The original solution is still the only way to plot abbreviated months for time series plots of monthly averages.

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