Sampling at Mont Saint Hilaire

Last Friday I was off sampling with my “reduced” samping kit. I went to Mont Saint Hilaire, a McGill University research station and nature park, about a 45 min drive east of Montreal.

Sampling went really well and it was a great day out. I have taken 21 samples (including 3 blanks) at three different locations:
* 4.9 km from the parking lot on the top of the mountain (approx 12.30)
* 2.6 km from the parking lot in a little valley (approx 14.00)
* on the parking lot (approx 15.20)

The weather was perfect for a little hike and I packed all my sampling gear into my backpack (including some ice packs) and off I went. All samples returned frozen to the parking lot, where I put them into a large cooler with additional ice packs and snow. Everything was still frozen upon my return to the lab đŸ™‚

All together, sampling – if done properly – takes a while, so I had to postpone my afternoon trip to the Laurentides, but it was worth it that I took the time to do everything properly and as clean as possible.

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