So – where is the error?

After a cold kept me from doing work for a while, I am now checking the GC-MS for VOC sensitivity. From my last experiments I have learned that the purge time limit, when running in “splitless” mode, needs to be optimised (for some reason it was set to zero). I am getting a good signal, when I purge 5 min after injection (but that also leaves me with a lot of water in the system). So I am optimising the time of purging (after 30 sec, 1 min, 2 min,…) to find out the best time.

I am also preparing another (last) sampling trip for the beginning of next week. I hope to find some more snow on the northern slopes of the Laurentides, north of Montreal. In the city, most of the snow is gone now. Sampling in Alaska, which is done by Samuel Morin (thanks!) is also going well. I hope I am able to get that UPS account number that I have applied for a week ago soon, so that shipping back is not a problem.

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