IR Spectroscopy 1 & 2

This week I have substituted once more teaching IR spectroscopy applications. This time the professor was joining the lecture and I have received excellent feedback from him and also from several students, which makes me happy. After all, students are a different audience and although the presentation is itself is quite easy, I never really know, if they took something home from it until I ask. Well, interaction was good and the discussion quite lively, but for the finer points there is not other way than asking.I have presented applications for NIR, MIR-ATR and FIR spectroscopy including real-life data and recent publications in the field. There is a chance that I will do more teaching next autumn and I have offered my services to the department. Let’s see.

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Atmospheric chemistry researcher and university teacher. Data analysis/chemometrics specialist (PCA, PCR, Cluster analysis, SOM)

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